Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reverse KVM switching

The above diagram is a scenario of needing more than 1 keyboard video and mouse on your PC. Sometimes people have a need to perform a reverse KVM switch, and split their keyboard, video, and mouse connections into more than one set of keyboard video and mice, and that is where a reverse KVM switch comes in handy. These also come in USB style reverse KVM switches and also PS/2 style. Any amount of distance can really be achieved with the most basic of reverse KVM switches, by attaching some type of Cat5 KVM extender to it and extending your KVM port that way. Alot of people wonder how 2 people can have control at the same time, but on most reverse KVM switches there are dip switches for you to set timeouts, so that User 1 would have to be idle for x amount of time before User 2 can take over. These can be very convienent if you need 2 command centers far away from the original PC. I personally think it would be advantageous to have a reverse KVM switch that ran everything over catX cable it would be alot cleaner of an install.

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