Monday, July 27, 2009

KVM Over IP: What is it exactly?

If you are curious on what KVM over IP is, you are probably looking to expand your setup to something that you can control remotely. This can be extremely convienent if you have a far drive to your on site location and you have to pay labor and travel costs. KVM over IP gives you the ability to use the Internet to make a connection to all of your attached devices, and basically gives you control from anywhere in the world.

This saves people a lot of time and money everyday. I see it first hand at my job. You can get a KVM over IP switch that would range from anywhere from 1 standalone computer (So no switch, just a device that will connect your server to the Web), to a whole system across the country of datacenters and devices. There are some high end enterprise options that will give you a server to handle all of your different devices and you can centralize administration down to one connection to one box.

KVM over IP switches allow you to connect through a VNC session. If VNC is not available a java applet usually can be used in Internet Explorer, making it compatible with most machines. The connection is a secure encrypted connection and you can have varying amounts of users connected simultaneously. If you are going to purchase a switch and you need a multi user KVM over IP switch, make sure you get one that can handle concurrent user connections.

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