Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Figuring out your KVM switch password

KVM switch Password - I lost It, Now What?

If you have a KVM switch password that you have lost, it usually is not that big of a deal. If it is one of the users KVM switch password that was lost, the administrator should be able to log into the switch and set a new kvm switch password. A factory default (usually found in the manual) would also delete the user information and give you a default kvm switch password.

If you lost the administrator password, and a factory default won't help you, then your next best bet is to call the manufacturer of your KVM switches Technical Support. They have different procedures which I have seen range from different button sequences to actually physically jumpering hardware inside of the kvm to get a default kvm switch password. Again consult the companies Technical Support or the KVM switches manual for accessing this information.

The last thing you may be curious of is the default kvm switch password. These are usually pretty predictable with settings such as "Admin" and "Password", but these will also be documented in your KVM switches manual.

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