Saturday, August 15, 2009

Looking for an iogear kvm switch? Try the GCS632U 2 port

This KVM switch did the trick for me. For an iogear kvm switch, I was happy and think they have decently made hardware. In this writeup I will give you some comparisons on some of the differences between this iogear kvm switch and its older brother, the GCS632U.

1) There are no hotkeys with this iogear KVM switch. This is a remote that is hard wired to the KVM, and you have to toggle this hardwired button everytime you want to switch computers. This isn't the best option for me, as I would prefer hotkeys, and just pressing keyboard strokes is so much more smooth than getting up and switching it manually. The button would end up being a point of failure at some point also.

2) The newer iogear KVM switch GCS632 uses just one USB cable to go back to the server, which is convenient because it cuts down on cabling and clutter. The older GCS22U had 2 cables, each one with a dedicated USB cable for mouse and keyboard. This is one good feature of the GCS632U iogear KVM switch.

3) The GCS632U also has 1/8" plugs for audio to allow you to share line level bi directional stereo audio between to the two servers. If you only have one set of speakers this can be convenient because now you have a KVM + audio switch.

If you are in the hunt for an iogear kvm switch, the GCS632U would be a nice purchase for a 2 port kvm. It gets the job done and I have read compatibility reports of it supporting some off the wall keyboard hardware, which is rare in an iogear kvm switch. I hope this review helped and good luck! Here is a link if you choose to purchase this switch:

Here are some links of troubleshooting for the GCS632U:

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