Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finding a Server KVM Switch - What to Pick?

IF you are looking for a server KVM switch, whether it be for your Data Center or your home office or whatever it may be, it is important to know the details of the server kvm switch you choose. There are a lot of options out there and in this economy sometimes people make choices that may save them some money but in reality they are just creating hassle for themselves.

A server KVM switch could have to handle multiple platforms of KVMs, such as Sun boxes, Linux boxes, Windows boxes etc. Not properly planning and just picking any server kvm switch can leave you with A sun with no pipe key or a unix with a resolution that wont display. Also when speaking of emulating keyboard and mouse signals back to the host PC it is important to keep platforms in mind.

Also when choosing a server KVM switch you should make sure you leave yourself room for expansion. Daisy chaining (Cascading) server kvm switches can be a pain and you should think down the line about expanding your data center and having a server KVM switch ready to handle the load.

One last thing when dealing with server kvm switches is make sure you can find someone who will sell you something AND support it. Don't get stuck buying some cheapo switch and realize that there is no tech support and its failure rate isn't something out of this world. That will save you some serious down time and hassle and you will be satisfied with your KVM switch purpose.

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