Tuesday, April 27, 2010

KVM over IP device Will it Save Me Money?

Most of the time when talking about KVM over IP devices at my job I see it come down to an investment for a KVM over IP device switch rather than just a business expensive. When people go on site to do a job or repair, you pay them money. KVM over IP device can save you money by allowing you remote control of a number of servers and saving you the travel + man hours.

KVM over IP device is a technology that is limitless and is still growing rapidly. People are always going to need to get up to date equipment as technology grows and grows. For instance KVM over IP device is currently in a transition from VGA to DVI video, and the DVI video is much more bandwidth intensive. KVM over IP device allows you to use the power of the world wide web to access computers as if you were local right in front of them.

Here is a real world scenario of KVM over IP device saving you time and money. I had a guy who was getting distorted video on his server. Some minor video card settings needed to be changed and this was a simple task, but it could not be accomplished on site. Rather than drive 2 hours to do this tweak he used a KVM over IP device to accomplish it.

Good luck and there is a ton of information if you need help purchasing!


  1. Hello,
    Very interesting blog resource.
    I am looking for a KVM solution that could be controlled remotely trhough API or SDk.
    Example: KVM switch connected to a PC, which receives commands through the network, and a remote client C++C# that can generate mouse/keyboard signals.
    Do you know if such a product exists?

    thank you
    Stefano Baraldi

  2. Hello Friend, i agree with you. KVM Switches over IP device Will Save our Money and times. it is very nice for all user who want to use multiple PC in network using one monitor.